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Luigi Daquino
Who we are? Or who are they and what do I do? Well For so many years I've been a bit of a voice from model makers in general, exploiting social networks and the web, then creating "THIS" you see, but we start from the beginning.

It was the 90s and I
Like so many, I have experienced this passion for play, a hobby I inherited from my father, then after a few years, everything stopped

By 2009
Year when, thanks to the web I started modeling, improving and where I met new people, and I decided to play

in 2013
To create my first "on Facebook" modeling group, her name is: "MERCATINO DEL MODELLISMO" FAN page aimed at buying / selling products, for a year

or more I managed the fan page alone but after I took it "Thomas Ferro" is a friend who has always stayed with me, I do not know whether it was lucky or how we propose to people, but today this group has almost 14,000 subscribers and the largest Italian market on Facebook.

In 2014
After 1 year spent in the military world, I decide to change category, to try the civilian world (car, bike, etc.) so again for game I open my second group "MODELLISMO STATICO AUTO E MOTO" a nice group where you They organized a contest created thanks to well-known sponsors,

In 2016
Along with two Swiss friends, "Steve Desarzens" and "Roger Unternährer", we decided to create another group, dedicated to Swiss modelers, "Swiss Modellers", this small page, which made the Swiss modeling better. It has been so many years since I felt the need to turn this hobby into a real job, but I did not want to do it like everyone else, I wanted to propose to customers something different,

And in 2017
Orlee is born, our goal will be to listen to your desires, looking for quality products offering has competitive prices. We are an alternative company and we have thought it has products like: stencil on all stairs, even the smallest is in different types (stickers, non stickers, metal masking, etc.), vinyls, not just vinyls from Bricolage, we talk Of quality products, thick 55 micron (0.06mm!) Brushes in mermaid, i have for specific products.
Is it in the future? You will soon see, styrene, water primer (swiss made), cleaner, decal, glue cleaner, water-proof and much more

Not only, on demand, on behalf of other companies:
  • Cuttings and molds on VINYL

Orlee is quality and a promise I made to myself, it's not the simple phrase copied, we want to give you the best, it's price down. All this is not the only result of my commitment, a part of the merit, goes to many friends I have in the world and are: (in alphabetical order)
  • Brach Model
  • Brito Jose
  • Chrivi Mike
  • Colle 21
  • Desarzens Steve
  • Erika Emiliano
  • Ferro Thomas
  • Graziano Ghetto
  • Illaca Luis
  • Limelli Daniele
  • Mavaro Simona
  • Mondelli Filippo
  • Nakano Masaharu
  • Quarello Gerardo
  • Ricciardi Alessandro
  • Sibani Paolo
  • Stealth Buttari Francesco
  • Sunny Dheng
  • Unternährer Roger
  • USCP
  • Zappa Gennaro
  • Zhongzheng
  • Yoshida Fumiro

To you my friends, my sincere thanks and if I forgot someone I apologize ...

By Daquino Luigi
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call us now: +41 076 582 84 70

* All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018 ORLEE
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* All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018 ORLEE
* All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018 ORLEE
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