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NEW PRODUCT!!! Masking Circles
Masking adhesive green translucent, matte surface, 0.080 mm thick, tape line 5 mm to 0,50 mm, lines lengths 175 mm., material by APAs.p.a
Published by Orlee by Daquino Luigi - 16/8/2019
NEW PRODUCT!!! Stencil for Regia Aeronautica
the different camouflages of In 1941, after the brief experiences gained during the first months of the war...
Published by Orlee by Daquino Luigi - 22/7/2019
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Masking Circles by APA


Stencil anelli di fumo 1:32

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Stencil mimetica crocini 1:72

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Stencil profilo cuoricini 1:48
weathering sponge
Weathering sponge Latex
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The stencil with respect to Decal
(the evolved version of découpage) is one of
the most common techniques, which is not the
case in the modeling world.

But what are these stencils?
They are adhesive and no adhesive masks that
allow to draw on a surface a drawing or a
writing. Orlee is committed to developing
everything that is achievable for modeling at
any scale.

It is a different product and easy to use
but above all, with the stencil you can show
your art skills ... the price? On average 10 CHF
(8,50 €) for this orlee is

"Just to be different " 😉
For all new orlee customers, a one-off discount of 20% is charged on the subtotal of the trolley, excluding shipping costs and any additional fees, for a minimum order of 100 €.
Take your time to find out our professional product line
pelo di bue

New Generation Masking PRO
Apa is leader in the production of adhesive films, green masking is well suited to complex masks, the highly adhesive tape does not allow color to filter inside the film. We recommend this product to those who want to recreate their drawings professionality.
masking apa pro
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* All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2019 ORLEE
* All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018 ORLEE
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