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Discover the world of SCI-FI
The difference is a high quality stencil
Let's start a new work of art
We can draw dreams with our brushes
Carving, gluing, everything you need ...

The quality of Orlee stencils is a promise,
we want to give you the best. This is the
result of a lot of effort.

We work hard to offer you a new product every month, we always stay up to date, through
the Newsletter.

Orlee ships all over the world, in a professional,
fast and competitive way.


Our products are professional and very simple, but they need some precautions to be used at their best. As in the case of the famous model maker Jose Brito, who was able to create a miniature work of art (1:72 scale) from one of Banksy's most famous drawings "the flower through". let us guide you, we will be able to help you better.
Official cutting mat
The Realization
Of a suitable masking is almost always a laborious task, which must be done with the utmost precision, since the mask is to delimit the contours and....

Stencil adhesive
Adhesive masks are used to reproduce the more detailed and complex designs of the models, in order to obtain very sharp and well-defined contours....

The Air brush
When working with the airbrush the degree of gradation will depend on the distance between the material used as a mask and the surface of the pieces....

...When it is possible - and when you are sure that the end result of the job will not be compromised - it is definitely better to apply a transparent paint layer over the protective base base.

During the decorative phase of any model, the use of masking is vital to the point where the correct finishing of the pieces depends on the correct application of this technique.

The word "masking" means a wide range of techniques used to transfer color or outline color patterns, trademark symbols and more or less complex designs, or even protection paints and appearance modification (glitter effects, Opacity, etc.) the range of masks that a modeler can use is almost infinite: choice depends on his ability, imagination and experience. Any object or material may be fine as long as it serves to achieve the desired effect...  READ MORE

Realized by Gunnar Baumer
18 Febbruary 2018

For an upcoming project, depicting an Israeli Nagmachon in beside the concrete border wall, I was searching the Internet for possible pictures that had a dramatic impact on the scene but would also tell the viewer where this scene is located. At this time I’ve already stumbled over these Bansky graffiti’s and dug deeper for more information. A few weeks later I saw a post by Luigi from ORLEE over on Facebook, offering Bansky masks in 35th scale. After...
Realized by Mike Castellani
11 Novembre 2019

La Fiat SB4 Eldridge in 1/12 Italeri è una fedele riproduzione della vettura omonima progettata da Ernest Eldridge per la conquista di record velocistici negli anni '20 e meglio conosciuta come "Mefistofele" a causa dell'elevato rumore che essa produceva, definito come un "baccano infernale". Il modellino è molto ben fatto e per il montaggio ho pensato di realizzare un'auto come se fosse stata restaurata.... READ MORE

Realized by Nuno Lima
11 January 2020

Hi all, for a while now that I have been using this masking tape made by Orlee. Like many of us, I have tried a all range and variety of tapes across the years. I have tried from the cheap decorator ones from the pound shop, to the branded and more expensive material... READ MORE
Realized by Huangjhong
9 May 2018

I have used this product on the Porsche 964. RWB styles that show retro nostalgia are sprayed with a template to more effectively reproduce the realism and create a sensation of mottled shedding.

我在保時捷964上使用這款產品.RWB款式展現出複古的懷舊風格,並噴上模板以更有效地再現現實主義並營造斑駁脫落的感覺。



Orlee manufactures and distributes for professional companies and private decals.
The minimum purchase quantity and 100 pcs, all of our decals are punched, the prices are very profitable and above all competitive, unfortunately we can not issue a price list, everything we do we study on the customer's specifications, at customer's request we make.
*All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018-2023 ORLEE
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6600 Locarno (Switzerland)

+41 (0)79 510 85 94
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* All published prices are without VAT,  2018-2022 ORLEE
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*All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018-2022 ORLEE
*All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018-2022 ORLEE
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