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NEW PRODUCT! WWII Skoda PA-II camo paint Mask

Published by in New product · 17 April 2019
Tags: takomskoda1:35paintmask

Material: WWII SKODA PA-II camo paint mas

Number stencil: 4 pcs

Masking adhesive grey translucent,  matte surface, 0.080 mm thick

We propose you 4 camo masks for this scale model, the kit base is takom, 1:35 scale but this camo paint mask can be used on other kits. The camo versions that can be created are:
- Police HQ Moravska Ostrava, 1937
- Training squadron of Armoral cars, Milovice, 1932
- Assault vehicles regiment, Milovice, 1925-1932
- Assault vehicles regiment, Milovice, 1925-1932

It was a Czechoslovak armored car, used by various armies during World War II. 15 specimens were built, of which 9 were used by the Wehrmacht after the German occupation of Czechoslovakia and 3 ceded to the Allied Slovak Republic, in March 1939. Romania requisitioned 3 armored cars for the Czech troops, the refugees after the Hungarian invasion of the Carpathian Ukraine in the same month. All were used for training or internal security tasks during the war. The PA-II had rounded plates, and lost the turret in favor of machine guns at the four corners; the curved armor was ballistically advantageous but expensive to produce.

Use: airbrush or brush

Reusable: NO

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$ 16,00

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