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Stencil Israeli tank markings M133 / Zelda + 1 Masking wheels by APA
Material: Stencil israel tank markings m113 / Zelda + 1 markings wheels by APA

Number stencil: 2 pcs

Masking adhesive grey translucent,  matte surface, 0.080 mm thick
Masking adhesive green translucent,  matte surface, 0.080 mm thick, material by APA s.p.a

This stencil is produced by offering 23 stencils + 1 masking for m113 / zelda tank model wheels (various versions).

The versions that can be obtained through this stencil are: IDF zelda 1997, zelda d9 Doohi, IDF zelda Chata, IDF zelda lebanon 1977. This stencil sheet will make you appreciate your construction and will offer you a unique model of M113.

Its official IDF name is "Bardelas", but the soldiers call it M-113 or "Zelda" (which takes its name from the addition of an armor) or simply "The APC". They first arrived in Israel in 1972, although most of the APCs of this type were bought through American aid in the Yom Kippur war. The M-113 was intended to replace the old-fashioned armored vehicles that the IDF was using at the time, which were partially exposed, and were an easy target for enemy fire.

The M-113 has many advantages. These include: excellent maneuvering capabilities on difficult terrain, compatibility for air transport and amphibious capabilities. The IDF M-113 has undergone various upgrades in order to improve its resistance to hazardous materials, and to protect it from anti-tank fire, IEDs and machine guns. The APC serves in almost all IDF combat units, in virtually all areas of action, along with other advanced APCs.

Over time, the M-113 is slowly abandoning the first lines, replaced by more advanced models and joins the reserved units. The M-113 took part in the Yom Kippur War, in Operation Peace for Galilee, in the countryside in Lebanon and in the regions of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. In addition to the M-113, the IDF has several other tank-based APCs; Heavy APC.

Use: airbrush or brush

Reusable: YES

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T34/76 Paint Mask, Numbers and Insignia 1:35 - CODE 000126
Immediate availability
CHF 6,00
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