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Merkava Mk.1 Character, tactical markings + Masking wheels by ApA

Material: Stencil Merkava mk.1 + Masking wheels

Number stencils: 2

Stencil adhesive gray translucent, matte surface, 80 miicron
Masking adhesive green translucent,  matte surface, 0.080 mm thick, material by APA s.p.a
This stencil is  formed: 47 mini stencil adhesive + 1 stencil with masking wheels.
Story of tank:
The merkava mk1 was born about 1979 with the idea of making it suitable for rough terrain between Syria and Lebanon, it had a 750 hp engine, superior in mobility to the American M-60, this type of wagon was used in the operation "peace in Galilee" on that occasion the merkava mk1 proved to be better than the t-72 Russians even if the first versions had some problems

Use: airbrush or brush

Reusable: YES

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This stencil is formed: 47 mini stencil adhesive + 1 stencil with masking wheels.
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