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Masking tape
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Realized by Nuno Lima  - 11 January 2020

Hi all, for a while now that I have been using this masking tape made by Orlee. Like many of us, I have tried a all range and variety of tapes across the years. I have tried from the cheap decorator ones from the pound shop, to the branded and more expensive material and most of the time with some soul crushing results. Since I have been introduced to this tape, I have been able to achive tlfantastic results with minimal effort. Since then, no need to remove the most of the glue on the back of your hand or hahing to remove the tape to find some kind of bleeding or paint stuck to the tape and not to the model :). Have used it in different occasions and with different requirements and the results are always fantastic so far, even when you leave the tape stuck for 2 or 3 days.
It also comes in a variety of with ranging from 3mm to 12mm. The 3mm one, is good for those little spaces or curves, while the 12mm is great for the large spaces.
All in all, a great addition for your tool box on your bench, highly recommended.


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* All published prices are without VAT,  2018-2022 ORLEE
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*All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018-2022 ORLEE
*All published prices are without VAT, more shipping cost. © 2018-2022 ORLEE
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